Analytics Experience 101 Course

Level Up Your Customer Analytics Experience!

How to empower your users with crucial insights to make quick and confident business decisions.

Your comprehensive toolkit to build strong customer-facing analytics.

Data-driven businesses are 19x more likely to be profitable. But still, many SaaS companies underestimate the value of customer-facing reporting on their roadmap.

In this one-hour crash course, you'll learn everything you need to equip yourself to build successful reporting for your SaaS users.

  • How users really feel about present-day SaaS analytics
  • The top 10 UX mistakes and how to avoid
  • How to build engaging reports one step at a time
  • How to build a strong business case to prioritize analytics

Start building a better experience!

Meet your course instructor


Brad Zomick

Analytics Experience Evangelist

Brad is VP of Marketing at and its Analytics Experience Evangelist. Marketing is one of the oldest SaaS verticals and he has extensive experience (good and bad!) in buying SaaS and using analytics features.

As a business leader in technology for 20 years, Brad has put together a course that weaves together 30 years of data science and visualization experience of's founders with current market research and 20 years of his own SaaS analytics user experience. Enjoy!